Life is like a cup of tea…

meant to be filled to the top, and enjoyed with great friends! 


This past weekend we celebrated the amazing mothers in our life with our annual Mother’s Day Tea!
This is one of our favorite events at My Cup of Tea!
To make it even sweeter, this year we were joined by our new friend & photographer, Kristen Gustafson. She hung around and captured the special moments we had that day. All of these pictures featured today are hers, and we will be linking her info at the bottom of this blog as well.
Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming collaborations we will be doing with her!


Linda prepared homemade snacks and drinks for all of our guests!
These snacks included:
Russian Butter Balls (our personal favorite!)
Raspberry & Apricot Shortcakes
Apricot Nectar Punch
& Water

Luddy stood watch over the popcorn stand – his favorite job to do here!


Can you tell how much love was poured into those refreshments? The love didn’t stop there though. Linda picked out beautiful pink roses to give to the moms who shopped with us that day. It was so fun to hand these out!


At 1:00 we had a very special guest join us! With a bag of books in tow, Alice was here from Wonderland and ready to read books to all of the kids who joined us! She posed for pictures and enjoyed the snacks with the kiddos as well!


Big shoutout to all of our amazing girls who kept the store running smoothly while this was taking place.

023A0897.jpg 023A0358 (2).jpg023A0547.jpg

Again, we want to say THANK YOU to all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunt’s, sisters, mothers to be, etc. who shop here and make this place what it is for us! We love and appreciate all of you so very much.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did.

My Cup of Tea Baby

And thank you, Kristen!
These photos are priceless. We can’t wait to see what fun things we do together next!

For more info on Kristen @ Poshlings Photography you can see her work and contact her here:

(1) 214-952-9953




Our newest nursery furniture collection is the cutest thing we’ve seen! It’s called The Emory Farmhouse. It comes in two colors, Driftwood, which you can see here on the nightstand we have in store. nightstand.jpg

Or this beautiful Linen White that we have in the crib!farmhousecrib.jpg

The brown would be so cute for a rustic feel but the white transitions very well from boy to girl and would be perfect if you are planning to use your crib for multiple children.

Right now we have a white crib, 6 drawer dresser, and a nightstand in store so come in and check it out! Visit their website for more information on this beautiful set!

The Farmhouse collection isn’t the only thing we have here, though! We have a huge selection of furniture and even if we don’t have it in store, we can usually order it for you!

Pictured below is our Langford Crib and 5 drawer chest in Warm White. This Crib retails for $549 but is currently on sale for $449!cribpicccc.jpg

This entire collection is on sale and we will price match! Here is the link for any more information you would like on this collection!

Some of our cribs have been discontinued, so here is a quick and easy list of what is discontinued or very limited stock left!




Most of our cribs come with the toddler rail, but you do have to purchase the rails to convert it into a full size bed. You never HAVE to buy the extra rails, but we definitely always suggest to buy them for instances where the crib or color is discontinued. In order to order, we have to have at least half down and it usually takes about 4-6 weeks to get it in, depending on the company’s stock.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.03.08 PM.png

Our Million Dollar Baby furniture collections are beautiful! These cribs are definitely a little more timeless as opposed to modern, like the Franklin & Ben line!

Visit their website to see more of these gorgeous cribs!


All about Harlea & Jewel

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.45.13 PM.png

Harlea is the newest member of our team, she is a freshman and Texas Tech University and is the baby of our group at only 19 years old! She joined our team about a month ago and has fit right in like it was meant to be!

She is a Political Science major and is hoping to attend Law School one day!

Some of Harlea’s favorite brands at our shop include Rylee & Cru, Andy & Evan, all of our Creative Knitwear (most commonly known as Texas Tech gear) and Copper Pearl swaddles.

Outside of work Harlea enjoys going to concerts, watching Texas Tech Baseball, playing with her dogs and hanging out with her friends!




Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.44.48 PM.png

Jewel has been with MCOT for a few years now, she started in November 2015, and will be leaving soon so take on a new adventure! She has been married to her hubby Andrew for five years this June and has two little girls Hazel and Townes.

Hazel loves to model for the store and we like to make Townes model, but it’s not her favorite thing to do so we don’t get many pictures of her! hazelmp.jpg


Some of Jewel’s favorite brands are Rylee & Cru, Modern Burlap, Milk Barn, Furniture and Mustard Pie!


All about Jenn and Emilie!


Meet our awesome web girl Jenn! She has been with the company for four years, but just recently came back in store with us this year!

At our shop, she takes care of all of our web orders and manages our website! Her favorite part about My Cup of Tea is all of our wonderful customers.

She always says that she loves being a part of all of the biggest moments in a couple’s life! You can definitely tell that she loves her job by her big smile and her willingness to help anyone who walks in the door! It’s really incredible that she’s able to remember customers from years before when they set up their registry with us to welcoming their 3rd or 4th child!

Some of her favorite brands include Frilly Frocks, Native shoes, Mustard Pie and she loves all of our furniture!

She is the mama to our two little models Khai and Charlotte and has been married to her husband for three years!FullSizeRender.jpg.jpeg

Outside of work Jenn loves reading and watching movies, if you watch Scandal, come in a chat about it with her!


Emilie is another one of our sweet souls here at MCOT! She helps Jenn with getting orders out, but you can also find her running the entire store because she really is a jack of all trades!

Em is 20 years old and she has a four legged four year old named Smokey.IMG_3582.JPG

Outside of work Emilie likes to hang out with friends and watch Netflix. She loves Texas, country music and driving down back roads to enjoy watch the sunset. ❤

Her favorite thing about My Cup of Tea is seeing all the beautiful babies that come through our door! Her favorite brands include, Saranoni, Lipsense, Capri Blue Candles and Paty.

Emilie is a great addition to our team and we are so happy to have her with us!


All about Morgan and Jade



You’ve probably seen Morgan around for a while now since she’s been with the company for about 2 years. She’s a senior at Tech and she’s originally from Hobbs, New Mexico! We all love Morgan so much! She’s so sweet and she’s our go-to girl for fashion advice. This girl always looks so cute and we’re glad because that means we always have a model for our women’s clothing! She definitely helps to keep us all looking trendy and she adds the right amount of “college girl” to our “mom-ness” at the shop!

Outside of work, Mo really loves hanging with her friends and visiting her family back home! We are so glad to have her on our team! She will be graduating soon and when she decides to leave our company, we will all be so sad to see her go!


A few of her favorite brands include Mayoral, Kissy Kissy, Properly Tied and Freshly Picked!



Now it’s time for a little about Jade! She has been with us since August of last year and she has just fit right in with our little group! Jade is such a unique soul and literally knows everyone! So if you haven’t seen her at MCOT, don’t worry, you’ve probably met her elsewhere or will at some point! Jade has been married to her husband, Kiko, for 11 years! Together they have three children, two cats, and two dogs! Jade is such a blessing to our company and comes in every morning with a smile on her face and two giant coffees!

A few of Jade’s favorite things at our shop are Jelly Cat, Kickee, Jak & Pepper, Kissy Kissy and Minnetonka!

We are kind of obsessed with her children and you can often find Merritt modeling for us! IMG_3521.JPG.jpeg


Jade is truly the “mom” of the group and when she isn’t busy working for us, you can find her reading or probably cuddling her big ol’ doggie!


We are so happy to have her as part of our team!

P.S. Don’t bother her on Sunday…she’s busy praising’ Jesus and watching Nascar!


Meet Our Manager!




We all love our manager, Chelsie and we are so excited to brag about her a little here on the blog!

Chelsie is 26 years old and has been our manager for two years! She first started here at My Cup of Tea in 2015, so she’s been with us for three years! She has been married to her sweet hubby Jason for four years and they have the CUTEST little girl who loves to model for us! IMG_3487.JPG

Chelsie’s favorite things about work are all of our sweet customers and she loves attending market and meeting all of our awesome reps!

Outside of work, she loves to attend Church, watch movies, and read books! OH! and she has a sweet kitty named SassyCat Turner! 😛


Some of her favorite products are Kickee Pants (of course!),


Haute BabyFullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpeg

Mini Melissa shoesIMG_3482.JPGIMG_3481.JPG


and Jelly Cat stuffies!IMG_3486.JPGIMG_3485.JPG

She really is the sweetest girl and such a wonderful manager! We are so blessed to know her and we are lucky that we have such an amazing gal to help keep it all together here at MCOT! Love you Chels!


MCOT Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Do you have a mama you need to stuff a stocking for? Check out these sweet goodies from Capri Blue, Swell, HydraBath and more!

We’ve just recently received new Capri Blue hand cream, hand soap and perfume!


Our swell bottles are the perfect size to fit into a stocking for the on-the-go mama!


We’ve got a large selection of jewelry in stock! Stop by today to grab these adorable cactus earrings or a bracelet! We’ve also got several tassel necklaces and pom-pom earrings as well!


We love these HydraBATH bath bombs made for adults and children! These bombs will leave you smelling fresh and feeling super soft!



We’ve got all the Noodle & Boo you need to keep any new baby soft and smelling sweet! Come shop our collection of Super Soft Lotion, Soap and 2-in-1 Wash.


Grab a bottle of Baby Hair Lotion to add to your Noodle and Boo and give the gift of timeless baby essentials to any new or expecting mama!


You know we have a huge selection of Wubbanubs so be sure to pick up one of these little guys!


And of course you need the softest washcloths for that new baby! These Kyte Baby cloths are so smooth and will keep bath time fun and enjoyable!


An Amber teething necklace is the perfect stocking stuffer for mom and baby! Amber is a natural healing element and these necklaces are resin coated amber that your little one wears! The body heat from your baby will release the oils into their skin and help with pain and inflammation from teething! We’ve got a huge selection of necklaces and a couple of bracelets in stock!


We can’t forget about your little men! Shop our collection of Elegant Baby bath toys, easy to hold Bella Tunno teethers, and our newest style of Babiators!




Shark Tank: Tried & True

Who else loves Shark Tank? So many great businesses start out by being on the show and while we don’t have all of the cute baby products that have been featured, we do have a few!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.15.46 PM.png


First, check out these adorable soap holders made for kids and mom approved! soapsox.jpg

The brand is called Soap Sox and we are in love! These are the cutest kid loofahs around and come in several different animals for boys and girls! soapsox3.jpgsoapboys.jpgsoapsox4.jpg


Next, we have some of the cutest diaper covers for boy and girl! You can pair these things with anything or use them for cake smash photos or newborn pictures! We have a large selection of girl and a few boys! If you grab one for your little guy, make sure to get a matching hat!



The last product we want to tell you about is one that we don’t actually have in store. But as moms, we feel like you NEED to know about this! There is an app called Qeepsake that will text you throughout the week to ask you questions about your babies! This is a great idea for busy new moms who forget to take pictures or just don’t have the time to sit down with a baby book! After so much time, you can then print a book of everything you texted back to the app and you have a cute little baby book! Be sure to check it out on your app store!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.56.16 PM.png

We hope you check out all of these awesome products! Come by the store to grab your soap sox in time for Christmas and definitely download Qeepsake to document your baby’s first year!

Cold Weather Goodies: Women’s Edition


We recently got in some winter beanies, gloves and scarves from Shiraleah. These knit accessories are so cute and cozy as heck!


Jade and Chelsie are wearing hats in colors Blush and Black. They are super warm and the little fluffy ball on top is the softest ever!



Grab a pair of these sweet gloves to match. We have several colors and some have fingertips that you are able to use with your touchscreen devices so you don’t have to remove your gloves when you type!

Last, but certainly not least, we have the softest and warmest scarf you ever did see. Complete with pom-poms of course!