Everything I like and everything I do; therefore it is My Cup of Tea.

This year we decided to take a leap of faith and service a whole different audience, the bloggers! So here we are to keep you up to date with the newest and the best baby products out there, but before diving in too deep into what’s new I want to take a step back and look at where we started!

Did you know that My Cup of Tea did not actually start as a baby store? The store was first Linda making ladies clothes in good ole’ Post TX! Comments kept being made by customers that due to the soft pastel’s and beautiful colors of the store people often thought it was a baby store, and thus the idea was born. 1142239 Although they loved Ole Mill Trade Days, eventually it became time to move on and they brought the magical land of baby to KK’s Craft Mall in Lubbock TX! Post.jpg

Flash forward 10 years and we moved to our current home in the Tech Terrace area! At the start of this wild adventure Luddy swore that he would NEVER have employees, well 6,000 sq. feet later here we are with 7 wonderful employees! As time passed and Linda and Luddy watched along the sidelines as the lives of their first customers continued on, eventually those very excited bubbly first time Mom’s came back in shopping for their grandkids. They also watch as some of those wonderful Mom’s moved away. This showed Luddy that their was a need for our customers that we were not filling, an online option! So began the prolonged challenge of bringing our magical land to the internet. It was a long and bumpy ride but in January 2016 we launched at MyCupofTeaBaby.com. Being able to make our favorite brands available to our customers everywhere has been such an exciting opportunity for us.

What did I forget? Do you have any burning questions that you would like to know about My Cup of Tea? Let me know in the comment’s and I’ll make sure to include it in the next post!

4 thoughts on “Everything I like and everything I do; therefore it is My Cup of Tea.

  1. I love hearing the back story of how businesses come about! We didn’t necessarily start out as a baby store when we opened but people kept referencing out store as one, so that’s what we started catering too! I wish the best to you as you continue on this journey!


  2. I bought my daughters crib from the KK’s craft mall 13 years ago!!! My oh my, time flies by, & I have shopped there ever since…


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