Weekend Warrior

Alright all of you weekend warrior Mama’s, it’s time to tune in and hear all about our favorite pieces for a weekend get away with the fam!

Today we’ve got you covered on all the details you need to pack the perfect get away bag for your kiddos, check back tomorrow to see our choices for Mama’s get-away bag!

August Bleu Kids Watermelon & Flamingo Tees

For your travel day, keep it comfy, cool & cute with an adorable august bleu kids t-shirt. Your little one will be stylish and comfortable while on the move! The best part about these is that we carry the same style in women’s sizes too!

Mayoral 2-piece Set T-Shirts

Don’t worry, if you’re the mama to an adventurous boy we have you covered too! Let your little one run wild in this adorable mayoral t-shirt! Traveling can be hard on a little one. Luckily, this fabric is cool and comfortable.

Mayoral Denim Bermudas with Suspenders 

Okay these Shorts with suspenders are absolutely perfect for vacation. Heres why, remove the suspender and you have a pair of shorts or jeans perfect with any t-shirt you own. Switch the t-shirt to a dressier button down and add back the suspenders and you have a two-for-one!!

Mayoral Combo Print Swimsuit

Alright, next up is your pool necessities! These swim trunks are ADORABLE!! Think of how fun your vacation pictures will be with your little one styling in these bad boys!

MudPie Flamingo Cover Up & Mermaid at Heart Hat

Protect your little one from the sun on your breaks from the water with this precious hat and cover up. This cute combo is sure to be your pool or beach favorite!

Hatley Sweet Donuts

Hatley Toothy Sharks
We didn’t forget about the most difficult part of vacation, bedtime!! Your little one is sure to be sleepy after a day full of travel or activities, make sure they have their favorite pj’s to make the transition of sleeping away from home as easy as possible!

Click the Link under any picture you like to order! We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into what we pack in our get away bag!
Comment, share, like, and as always let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of!


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