All of My Friends Are Pregnant!!

There comes a time in life when you find yourself heading to a baby shower, sprinkle, or gender reveal EVERY WEEK!! 

Here is our take on how to handle buying gifts for all of these special and exciting times in your friends lives while keeping your wallet alive and your sentiment top notch.

Mudpie Fish Hooks Romper & Denim Romper

Mudpie is one of our absolute favorites! This brand is trendy and budget friendly! We carry a range of gift ideas in this brand but a cute onesie for boy or girl is the perfect stylish and original outfit to gift to any friend!

Miki Miette Oliver Romper

We all have that friend who is patient enough to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender. A friend who is fun enough to do this needs a fun gift!

This little number may be gender neutral, but it’s still so exciting with it’s pops of color! We 10/10 recommend this next time you need something neutral.


The mommy to be in your life doesn’t know how bad she needs one of these, but trust us she’ll thank you later!

A Wubbanub is a necessity and any mom knows you need one for the car, diaper bag, house, and grandparent’s houses! You can’t go wrong gifting this at only $16!!!

Jellycat Book

The last several showers I have attended required a book instead of a card. This idea is so cute so make sure the book you’re giving is cute too!!

The best part about the Jellycat books are the stuffed animals that match the characters in them!!

Finchberry Soaps

Alright if you love your BFF, you’ll grab her some Finchberry soaps. Being pregnant can be exhausting so treat the mama to be in your life.

These organic gluten free soaps are AMAZING to look at and smell like they were sent here from heaven!

We hope this helped you get some ideas for that shower you have coming up! Click the link under the pictures to shop online, or stop by, we would love to help you in person!!

Thanks for tuning in this week! As always; like, comment, and share!!

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