Before, After, and In-between

As if being pregnant isn’t hard enough, now you have to buy all new maternity clothes that you’ll never wear again? WRONG!!

Today we are going to show you three beautiful dresses that can be worn during pregnancy and kept for afterwards too!

The best part is that these dresses are not maternity dresses so you can keep them for as long as your heart desires!

UmGee Lace Dress With Floral Embroidery- $40.95 


Watching your dresses become shorter and shorter during your pregnancy is so annoying!! You don’t have to worry about that with the way this beautiful dress falls.

Even though it isn’t maternity if perfectly fills out with a baby bump and still has plenty of room to cover you up! We love how dressy this gorgeous detailed and embroidered look is.

Easel Quarter Sleeve Plaid Dress-$33.95


Alright Texas Tech fans whip out your Wreck ‘Em signs because we have the perfect outfit for you! This fabric is silky soft and is seriously more comfortable than a T-shirt.

This dress can be worn so many ways, with leggings, without, dress it up dress it down, whatever the case YOU NEED IT!

UmGee Floral Print Trapeze Dress-$36.95


We absolutely LOVE this floral dress. First of all, it is so flowy and light weight that you will for sure stay cooled off.

The colors of this dress make it the perfect choice for church, a shower, or a day at the office while staying comfy enough to run errands in!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please let us know what you guys want to see more of!

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