New and Better than Ever!

Our owner, Linda, has been hard at work remodeling a part of the store to make room for new Mudpie, one of our favorite brands!



The cutest big sis/lil sis set to get you through the ever changing West Texas weather.


Fall is right around the corner, which means that you’ll be looking for outfits for Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Mudpie is the perfect brand because everything is incredibly cute and so reasonably priced.


Here are a few photos from our newest shipment and a sneak peek at our super cute new Mudpie section!


Every big sister-to-be needs a cute outfit for delivery day!


If you have a birthday coming up, our selection of tu-tus will have everyone swooning over your little girl’s outfit! Don’t stop there, though! These are great for pictures and a fun day of dress up!


Here is a sweet detail of the work Linda has done! These sparkly details make the section a brighter and happier place! It’s obvious that Linda puts love into everything she does!



These jammers will be perfect for Christmas morning and the best part is that you can monogram them! They range in size from baby to big kid!





There is still so much more to see! Stop by the store today to snag all of your favorites before we’re out!


Keep up with our Instagram and Facebook to see more mudpie soon!

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