All about Jenn and Emilie!


Meet our awesome web girl Jenn! She has been with the company for four years, but just recently came back in store with us this year!

At our shop, she takes care of all of our web orders and manages our website! Her favorite part about My Cup of Tea is all of our wonderful customers.

She always says that she loves being a part of all of the biggest moments in a couple’s life! You can definitely tell that she loves her job by her big smile and her willingness to help anyone who walks in the door! It’s really incredible that she’s able to remember customers from years before when they set up their registry with us to welcoming their 3rd or 4th child!

Some of her favorite brands include Frilly Frocks, Native shoes, Mustard Pie and she loves all of our furniture!

She is the mama to our two little models Khai and Charlotte and has been married to her husband for three years!FullSizeRender.jpg.jpeg

Outside of work Jenn loves reading and watching movies, if you watch Scandal, come in a chat about it with her!


Emilie is another one of our sweet souls here at MCOT! She helps Jenn with getting orders out, but you can also find her running the entire store because she really is a jack of all trades!

Em is 20 years old and she has a four legged four year old named Smokey.IMG_3582.JPG

Outside of work Emilie likes to hang out with friends and watch Netflix. She loves Texas, country music and driving down back roads to enjoy watch the sunset. ❤

Her favorite thing about My Cup of Tea is seeing all the beautiful babies that come through our door! Her favorite brands include, Saranoni, Lipsense, Capri Blue Candles and Paty.

Emilie is a great addition to our team and we are so happy to have her with us!


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