All about Harlea & Jewel

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.45.13 PM.png

Harlea is the newest member of our team, she is a freshman and Texas Tech University and is the baby of our group at only 19 years old! She joined our team about a month ago and has fit right in like it was meant to be!

She is a Political Science major and is hoping to attend Law School one day!

Some of Harlea’s favorite brands at our shop include Rylee & Cru, Andy & Evan, all of our Creative Knitwear (most commonly known as Texas Tech gear) and Copper Pearl swaddles.

Outside of work Harlea enjoys going to concerts, watching Texas Tech Baseball, playing with her dogs and hanging out with her friends!




Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 1.44.48 PM.png

Jewel has been with MCOT for a few years now, she started in November 2015, and will be leaving soon so take on a new adventure! She has been married to her hubby Andrew for five years this June and has two little girls Hazel and Townes.

Hazel loves to model for the store and we like to make Townes model, but it’s not her favorite thing to do so we don’t get many pictures of her! hazelmp.jpg


Some of Jewel’s favorite brands are Rylee & Cru, Modern Burlap, Milk Barn, Furniture and Mustard Pie!


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